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Complex Select with Min/Max Syntax
Posted by: Dan Rinkes ()
Date: December 02, 2008 04:19PM


I've just recently begun using MySQL and PHP and I'm having some trouble with some syntax for a fairly complex query (to a newbie anyway). Does anyone have a suggestion? I'm using MySQL 5.0.67.

For anyone familiar with the MediaWiki database, that's where this question comes from. I have two tables, one called "revision", and one called "page". Page contains a list of all of the MediaWiki pages and revision contains a list to all edits of all of the pages. In this schema, rev_page is the foreign key in revision relating to page.page_id.



My application needs to list each page, along with the initial editor (which can be determined my using the min() function on the rev_id grouped by rev_page) along with the most recent editor (which can be determined by doing the same procedure with the max() function.

Ideally, the result would look something like this

rev_user_text (min)
rev_user_text (max)

I've been able to get either the min or the max with something like the following

select rv.rev_user_text, rv.rev_page, rv.rev_id
from revision rv,
(select max(rev_id) as maxrev, rev_page
from revision
group by rev_page) results
where (rv.rev_page = results.rev_page
and rv.rev_id = results.maxrev);

but I'm not sure how to join it with the other.

Any help on how to get the other column added would be greatly appreciated.


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