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UNIX_TIMESTAMP Duplicate key
Posted by: Martin Beaudet
Date: January 08, 2010 07:48PM


I need to make a stress test on my database.

To do this, I made a program in C #. NET that injects a line by 5 minutes and for a duration of 4 years. Let's say between 2006 and 2010.

My table consists of 2 fields, a date and a value.

The date is now DATETIME type and it is the primary key of the table.

But I want to convert it to INT UNSIGNED format to store a UNIX_TIMESTAMP because I do a lot of operation on time.

In short, with the DATETIME field, 4 years of data's insertion perfectly with the C# test program.

Exemple of injection :
INSERT INTO myTable (sv_Date, sv_Value)
   VALUE ('2006-01-01 00:00:00', 10.0),
   VALUE ('2006-01-01 00:05:00', 80.0)
When I try with an INT field, I get several duplicates.

Exemple of injection :
INSERT INTO myTable (sv_Date, sv_Value)
   VALUE (UNIXTIME_STAMP ('2006-12-03 00:00:00'), 10.0)
   VALUE (UNIXTIME_STAMP ('2006-12-03 00:05:00'), 80.0)
Yet when the date field is DATETIME it works well! So why when the field type is an INT UNSIGNED fill with UNIX_TIMESTAMP() it does not work ?

I do not understand the problem ...

I decied to add one more field to my table. sv_RealDate of type DateTime. Now the C# program will insert data as :
INSERT INTO myTable (sv_Date, sv_Value, sv_RealDate)
   VALUE (UNIXTIME_STAMP ('2006-12-03 00:00:00'), 10.0, '2006-12-03 00:00:00')
   VALUE (UNIXTIME_STAMP ('2006-12-03 00:05:00'), 80.0, '2006-12-03 00:05:00')

Here is a sample output of what I've found on my table using this query :
SELECT sv_Date,
FROM SensorsValues
WHERE sv_Date = UNIX_TIMESTAMP('2006-03-12 02:00:00')

  sv_Date    sv_Value       sv_RealDate        sv_RealDateToUnixTime
1142146800, -92.35,    '2006-03-12 02:00:00', '2006-03-12 03:00:00'
1142146800, -76.58,    '2006-03-12 02:05:00', '2006-03-12 03:00:00'
1142146800, -86.05,    '2006-03-12 02:10:00', '2006-03-12 03:00:00'
1142146800,  17.91,    '2006-03-12 02:15:00', '2006-03-12 03:00:00'

Column "sv_RealDateTimeToUnixTime" should have the same value has "sv_RealDate" but at my surprise no ! Why ? DST maybe ?

I would like to simply insert and retrieve a date value without worrying about the DST or timezone. It is possible using UNIX TIMESTAMP ?

Someone have an idea ?
Best regards

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UNIX_TIMESTAMP Duplicate key
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