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Re: Traversing a Category tree, is there an easy way to do this? Need an experts opinion!!!!!
Posted by: Erin ONeill
Date: July 13, 2005 09:47AM

Our production server is 4.0.20 on a linux machine. The dev machine is running a 4.1.x??.

Most of the tables are MyIASM and not innodb ones.... So ALL fk's are done in the code (egads as a former Oracle person this is quite scary). I'm training the coders on how to think in DB concepts - some days I feel like a failure as another table shows up with comma delim data!

I think it's a fear of complicated joins (ok, I share that fear too, but it never occured to me to put comma delim data in a field!) but I also thinks it's a fundamental conceptual thing.

The coder that wants to do the Category tree is much more db savy and understand normalization (no comma delim data in his tables). But I think he likes to make things more complicated than they need to be. He loves redundant Indexes but I think I finally got thru to him about the double edge sword of Indexes. We'll see. He said he understood the info I sent him about padding the left and right nodes but thinks it will be difficult to code. I gotta get to stacey's bookstore to see if I can find a book with some examples to give him...

I've sent him info on all of the Tree stuff I've received here (thanks Jay!!!). But we both got side tracked with queries for translating very dirty data from very badly designed tables (egads! they needed a db person last year). I told him no logical ORs while we're in 4.0.x and we are both struggling with that.

I figure I'll be back to Trees by tomorrow.

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