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how to start command line prompt
Posted by: Lao De
Date: March 28, 2011 03:06PM


Even so I am experienced with Databses, I can't find an entry-point on how to start with mySQL.

I use mySQL via PHPmyAdmin but since I can't figure out why it does not laod my flatfile, I prefered to run mySQL from a DOS-Window (Vista).

But that does not work either ! Even in the documentation I can't find a proper chapter for those basics on:
- configure mySQL for and using it from a DOS-Window
- how to load flat-files into mySQL ?

Who can point me to an easy tutorial or some hints on how to use the basics for loading text-files ?

here are my experiences:

- I have mySQL up and running from PHPmyAdmin
- I created a table with PHPmyAdmin without proplem

so far it looks like I figured out well enough to run SQl with PHPmyAdmin, just laoding and using mySQL form a DOS-prompt will not work.

- try loading form a DOS-window:

mysql -uroot -p

'mysql' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

-> seems some configurationis missing to become able to use mySQL from a DOS-Box !? where is the tutorial/documentation for such configs ?

- using PHPmyAdmin -> Import:
- choosen latin2 as code-template (or what ever it might called correctly)
- file format is CSV (just text, seperated by ;)
- in Options: how to write column-names correctly ?
-> seperated by ; ? inclosed in " " ? what else to consider ?
-> where to read about such conventions ?
- lines seperated by: what do I have to write here ? it's an ascii-file as defined by choosing CSV !!!

So what does those feedbacks tell me:

if using above settings and writing all column-names seperated by ; I get:

Invalid column: all column-names are listed here !

if I use the flat-file without headers and choose not entries for column-names, I get: invalid parameter for CSV-Import: "fields escaped from ".

So please somebody point me to a real understqandable tutorial for laoding and/or using mySQL (loader) from a DOS-prompt.

thanks for your hints in advance, LaoDe

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how to start command line prompt
March 28, 2011 03:06PM

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