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Transaction/Locking Question
Posted by: Rob Johansen
Date: May 25, 2012 08:11AM


I'm trying to decide between MyISAM and InnoDB for one of my tables. This table will store information for two-player games, where each record represents a single instance of the game. I expect the table to be read frequently (when players launch the game) and updated frequently (as players periodically save their game state). Inserts and deletes will only occur when a game is started or finished, respectively (i.e. less frequent than selects/updates).

Naturally I want to preserve integrity without sacrificing performance. However, since it's a two-player game, obviously both players could be attempting to update a game record at the same time.

These may be dumb questions, but I'm going to ask them anyway:

1. Does it sound like I need InnoDB and transactions, or could I somehow accomplish what I want with MyISAM?

2. Could this be a good case for GET_LOCK(), where the two players of a game agree on a lock name unique to their game?

3. Would it help if I design my table (and my application) such that players never update the same columns in a given record? For example, player 1 could store her game state in the "player1_game_state" column, while player 2 stores his game state in the "player2_game_state" column. Perhaps then the players could concurrently store their game states without stepping on each other's toes (and the application would be responsible for combining both game states).

4. Do you have any suggestions, recommendations, or ideas that I'm not thinking of?


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Transaction/Locking Question
May 25, 2012 08:11AM

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