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Re: optimising a create table as select
Posted by: Daniel Fisher
Date: May 20, 2014 04:06AM

Brilliant thanks so much, you can never have too much information.

Interesting what you have said about replication as there are two replicas running from the primary on Amazon RDS.

The table is much bigger than the innodb_buffer_pool_size, which is the buffer cache in Oracle. I am going to try to get the RDS instance memory increased and the resize the innodb_buffer_pool_size.

Kiss is my guiding principle in most things I do and I ran a Oracle newbie course and Kiss was my third slide.

I have a dev environment with a fair chunk of data so for now I am going to try this in a single transaction.

I am going to spin up some transactions to run whilst this is going but I am going to prepare the stakeholders for downtime where the system will be either non operational or the service reduced.

I am going to have a look at chunking as well as I am sure I will need this if not now, sometime in the future. Also very interesting paper you wrote on latitude etc

Luckily this mammoth task is something that needs to be run only once as I have changed much of the physical design.

Interesting what you have said about replication as there are two replicas running on from the primary on RDS I had overlooked this as I have not appreciated that it was serialized.

Yes Oracle would handle all of this, but yes at a cost. Typically 8 core two node Rac with Replication to another 8 core two node RAC, with compression, partitioning and management tools would cost upwards of $200, 000 over 5 years, you can however negotiate with them, but still.

Oracle's licensing model is so complicated, that people are employed specifically to manage the licenses and get the best value, as its up their with TAX in terms of complexity.

Don't get me wrong I cut my teeth on Oracle 7 and learned all about RDBMS from this and its why I am a self confessed dataphile because of Oracle, but I believe the landscape is changing.

Current Data Volumes trends are going to change storage mechanics, mother being the necessity of invention and all that.

Oracles unique selling point are

1. multi-versioning where reads don't block writes and writes don't block reads, with cloud technologies and read only replicas, the significance of this changed.

2. Absolute consistency and ACID 9 i know that other offer this as well) where the data is always at any point consistent. With Big data and associated technologies the dominant model may be one of 'eventually consistent'. Obviously for Banks etc they are tied to absolute consistency and guaranteed ACID. Watch out for lost updates though !!

Thanks once again. Rick


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