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Re: MySQL query and sub query
Posted by: Peter Brawley
Date: May 17, 2018 10:55AM

Parenthesis problems ...

SELECT AS `Campaign Name`, AS `Adgroup Name`, 
  keywords_5.matchType AS `Match Type`, 
  Sum(metrics_5.clicks) AS `LT Clicks`, 
  Sum(metrics_5.costs) AS `LT Spend`, 
  Sum(metrics_5.orders) AS `LT Orders`, 
  metrics_5.sales AS `LT Sales`, 
  If(Sum(metrics_5.sales)=0,0,Sum(metrics_5.costs)/Sum(metrics_5.sales)) AS `LT ACOS`, 
  If(Sum(clicks)=0,0,Sum(costs)/Sum(clicks)) AS `LT CPC,      -- MISSING COMMA
  X.query,                                                    -- 4 COLS FROM MOVED SUBQUERy
FROM keywords_5 
JOIN campaigns_5 ON keywords_5.campaignId = campaigns_5.campaignId) 
JOIN adgroups_5  ON keywords_5.adGroupId = adgroups_5.adGroupId) 
JOIN STNegData1W ON keywords_5.keywordId = STNegData1W.keywordId) 
JOIN metrics_5   ON STNegData1W.metricId = 
JOIN (                                                       -- CORRELATED QUERY MOVED HERE
  SELECT query, metricId, keywordId, Impressions 
  FROM ( 
    SELECT searchterm_5.query, searchterm_5.metricId, 
           searchterm_5.keywordId, Sum(metrics_5.orders) AS `4W Orders` 
    FROM searchterm_5 
    JOIN metrics_5 ON searchterm_5.metricId = 
    GROUP BY searchterm_5.query, searchterm_5.metricId, searchterm_5.keywordId, metrics_5.created_at 
    HAVING Sum(metrics_5.orders)=0 
       AND metrics_5.created_at > DATE_SUB('2018-05-10',INTERVAL 28 DAY)
  ) AS STNegData4W 
  JOIN metrics_5 ON STNegData4W.metricId = 
  GROUP BY STNegData4W.query, STNegData4W.metricId, STNegData4W.keywordId, 
           metrics_5.impressions, metrics_5.created_at 
  HAVING metrics_5.impressions>0 
     AND metrics_5.created_at > DATE_SUB('2018-05-10', INTERVAL 7 DAY)
) AS X ON X.metricId = ...                       -- JUST MY GUESS CORRECT IF NEED BE
GROUP BY,, STNegData1W.query, keywords_5.matchType, 
         metrics_5.sales, campaigns_5.user_market_id, Right(,4) 
HAVING Sum(metrics_5.clicks))>5 
   AND campaigns_5.user_market_id=12 
   AND Right(,4)="PFUS";

Again I don't have your tables so I can't really debug it.

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May 17, 2018 08:37AM
Re: MySQL query and sub query
May 17, 2018 10:55AM

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