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Re: Upgrade from 5.5 to 5.6 is causing 'MySQL server has gone away'
Posted by: Peter Brawley
Date: June 28, 2022 02:38PM

You have 21GB of InnoDB dbs and 5GB of MyISAM. To run query-heavy processes on that much data in memory rather than paging to disk, you'd need up to that much RAM.

I agree you appear to be running out of RAM, though there's much you've not reported. So it appears your app is under-resourced. If there's available RAM, increasing innodb_buffer_pool_size might help temporarily. Without more analysis, though, we're only guessing what the exact RAM overload consists of.

But again, beyond that, 5.6 is past end-of-life, I no longer have a live instance of it to check anything on, I can't help you configure it.

If it's me, I do a complete backup dump, run the "optimisation cheatsheet" at, study its output, decide how much more RAM I need, add it or get a machine with that much RAM, install 5.7, configure it appropriately, load in the DBs, test the app and debug the configuration, and when it all runs, I repeat that whole process for 8.0. When the 8.0 instance passes all tests, I bring up this new production machine in place of the current one.

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