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mysql after insert trigger
Posted by: Val Polyakov
Date: November 26, 2010 01:08PM

it seems like the "after insert" trigger gets triggered before the values get inserted into the new row in table.

here's my trigger:

--- cut here ---

CREATE TRIGGER `new_email` AFTER INSERT ON `dbmail_subjectfield`

SET @exec_var = sys_exec(CONCAT('/bin/sh /home/vxp/veng/bin/deadweight ',;


--- cut here ---

the "deadweight" is just that: a deadweight shell script that adds 20 (!) seconds to the execution via sleep, then executes a perl script that queries that new row, the one that triggered the trigger/deadweight, for values:

--- cut here ---

[vxp@vader bin]$ cat deadweight

echo `date` >> /home/vxp/veng/deadweight.log
echo "Sleeping for 20 seconds" >> /home/vxp/veng/deadweight.log
sleep 20
echo `date` >> /home/vxp/veng/deadweight.log
echo "executing /home/vxp/veng/bin/ $1" >> /home/vxp/veng/deadweight.log
/home/vxp/veng/bin/ $1
[vxp@vader bin]$

--- cut here ---

the sequence of events is thus as follows:
1. a new row gets inserted, which triggers deadweight and passes the ID of the new record to it
2. deadweight sleeps for 20 seconds, and calls a perl script that queries that ID for values
3. perl script gets 0 rows.

if I query that new row manually (as in, not via the trigger), by just executing my perl script and passing it the new row's id, I get results, not 0 rows.

what's the deal here? how do I trigger my script AFTER the values have been successfully inserted into the new row?

Any help highly appreciated

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mysql after insert trigger
November 26, 2010 01:08PM

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