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how to use sub query column in where condition in mysql?
Posted by: J Ashok Kumar
Date: December 11, 2013 08:12AM

Please check the below query. I am getting data from two databases and when i use the subquery result column in where condition, it is returning error in name column.

SELECT l.lead_id AS lead_id,l.customer_id AS customer_id,(SELECT FROM xenia.customers a WHERE a.customer_id=l.customer_id) AS phone,(SELECT FROM xenia.customers b WHERE b.customer_id=l.customer_id) AS NAME, (SELECT FROM xenia.customers c WHERE c.customer_id=l.customer_id) AS email, (SELECT FROM d WHERE IN (SELECT FROM xenia.customers e WHERE e.customer_id=l.customer_id)) AS country, (SELECT FROM melv1n.cities f WHERE f.city_id IN (SELECT FROM xenia.customers g WHERE g.customer_id=l.customer_id)) AS city FROM xenia.lead l where name like '%Johny%' LIMIT 0,10

even I tried to create view like below

create or replace view lead_view as select l.lead_id as lead_id,l.customer_id as customer_id,(select phone from xenia.customers a where a.customer_id=l.customer_id) as phone,(select name from xenia.customers b where b.customer_id=l.customer_id) as name, (select email from xenia.customers c where c.customer_id=l.customer_id) as email, (select name from d where in (select country from xenia.customers e where e.customer_id=l.customer_id)) as country, (select city from melv1n.cities f where f.city_id in (select city from xenia.customers g where g.customer_id=l.customer_id)) as city from xenia.lead l

but it is super slow.

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how to use sub query column in where condition in mysql?
December 11, 2013 08:12AM

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