Re: Character encodings issues with php, mysql, apache
Posted by: Miguel Rojas
Date: March 30, 2009 10:20AM

Rick James Wrote:
> 1.
> Do SET NAMES utf8
> as the first thing after connecting to MySQL. If
> you can't do that in PhpAdmin, complain to them.

I did that...still no good.

> 2.
> to see the collation for the column(s) in
> question.
> utf8_unicode_ci is the best all-around collation
> for UTF8, but may not properly handle Spanish
> peculiarities.
> The utf8_spanish_ci and utf8_spanish2_ci
> collations correspond to modern Spanish and
> traditional Spanish, respectively. In both
> collations, ‘ñ’ (n-tilde) is a separate
> letter between ‘n’ and ‘o’. In addition,
> for traditional Spanish, ‘ch’ is a separate
> letter between ‘c’ and ‘d’, and ‘ll’
> is a separate letter between ‘l’ and ‘m’

The table uses collation utf_spanish_ci


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