Re: Can't select/inserting/updating some Chinese Character.
Posted by: Shuichi Tamagawa
Date: June 17, 2005 07:00PM

Hi Leung

> What is the result of SHOW CREATE TABLE ?
> {error}

Oh, I meant SHOW CREATE TABLE <your_table_name>;

Anyway, according to the result of SHOW VARIABLE LIKE 'CHAR%',
it seems that your table is created with latin1 character set.

If you want to store your data in Chinese encoding, you should set Chinese character set like big5, gb2312, gbk to those character set variables, and create the table with the characater set.

Try the follwoing first, and see if it works:

1. Edit my.cnf(my.ini on Windows) and set default character set(e.g. gbk)


2. Start server. And login from mysql command line client whici is in bin directory.
3. Create table, Insert Chinese data, Select the data from the table.



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