Searching/inserting certain Unicode characters
Posted by: Kai Schaetzl
Date: February 14, 2011 09:48AM


I have done some research on this and also posted a question on Usenet, but didn't get any replies and still have no solution. The problem seems to be somewhat unique :-(

I want to insert a certain character in a text or char field and I also want to search for it (as proof that it was correctly inserted).

The character is "no-break space" which can either be represented as char(160) or hex-code A0 or as U+00A0. Or, generally speaking, I want to know how I can insert or find characters by Unicode or a similar representation?
MySQL is 5.0.77 on CentOS 5.5. The field is text with varying collations. In this case it is utf8_roman_ci (for this specific use I want to replace all "?" characters in the table with "no-break space"+"?").

There is no problem inserting the character "manually" by either creating it in the input field in PHPMyAdmin or our PHP application with ALT+255 or creating it in Word with that key sequence and then copying it to the PHP application and saving it. The character is inserted correctly which I can prove by cutting it out in the PHP output and back to Word.

What doesn't work is the insertion by REPLACE() nor a find operation with a REGEXP.

For instance, I tried

SET fr=REPLACE(fr, '?','x?')

where "x" was the character copied from Word. Or \u00A0 or \xA0. Non of this inserts the correct character. It either inserted a normal space (when I paste the character "as is" in) or throws an error or corrupts the text field.
I also tried things like

SET fr=REPLACE(fr, 'uniquestring',char(160))
SET fr=REPLACE(fr, 'uniquestring',CONCAT(char(160),'?'))

This cuts off all characters after the replacement position and doesn't insert the wanted character.

To simplify the whole thing I went to trying with "simple" letters, e.g. a "C" = \u0043. Let's call the Unicode representation "\unnnn". No dice.

I'm also trying to do the opposite, e.g. find a character by using the Unicode or hex representation.

SELECT * FROM col WHERE (fr LIKE '%\unnnn%')
SELECT * FROM col WHERE (fr REGEXP '\unnnn')

Doesn't work, too.
I can't find anything on this topic in the MySQL documentation, but I hope there *is* a distinct way to search and insert such characters with some Unicode representation.


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Searching/inserting certain Unicode characters
February 14, 2011 09:48AM

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