How to insert 4bit character in mysql table?
Posted by: Rama krishnan
Date: August 01, 2016 11:49PM

Hi Sir,

I m facing the issue while using 4bit character insertion for ex create table demo (name text);
insert into demo values('😜𤭢');​ in this above example I tried to insert the Japanese language in mysql it through error 1366 after check it on google i found some steps i.e default-character-set=utf8mb4 in [client],[mysql],[mysqld] in .ini file and restart the instance now i checked the variables through on gui using show variables like 'char%' everything is changed ,then i created a table like below create table demo (name text character set utf8mb4);
and insert the values through cmd prompt the values has been inserted but the issue is '😜𤭢' i'm inserted these values but default takes 'dY~o??'
why it happend like these?
what is the exact way to insert 4bit character using uft8mb4?
the utf8mb4 is session based character set or how to set as default character set for my database?
kindly help me

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How to insert 4bit character in mysql table?
August 01, 2016 11:49PM

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