MySQL handling of Special Chars, Entities, NCR's, etc
Posted by: Jeff Sabarese
Date: February 03, 2006 02:15AM

I'm interested in what is the best way to deal w/ such things as, for example and in particular, a VARCHAR filed which includes a comma.

how should I handle this? should i use , to represent the comma?

actually-- i guess i know the answer to that because i tried it, and it just went into the db (InnoDB, 4.1.14-nt-max, Latin General ci, VARCHAR) as i view it in its Number Code form-- not shown as a comma.

what do you suggest i do? i want to allow this field to take INSERT and UPDATE queries from an HTML form-- in which a comma may very well be used-- the problem i'm experiencing right now, however, may be because i'm doing the query inside of the MySQL Query Browser, and not via PHP or any other scripting language pre-SQL query. this is for a few reasons-- one of which is to test my INSERT query contents before loading an entire CSV file into my db via a PHP script based on fgetcsv($rawdata,10000)

thanks for reading! i look forward to your reply!

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MySQL handling of Special Chars, Entities, NCR's, etc
February 03, 2006 02:15AM

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