Java Unicode <-> MySQL Unicode
Posted by: Dmitry Katsubo
Date: April 04, 2006 02:51AM

Hello all!

What is correct representation of latin1 'u umlaut' latter? I've reffered the following documents:


It is said, that 'u umlaut' corresponds to 0x00FC. But MySQL stores it as 0xC3BC as well as any UTF8-aware text editor :(
As the result, when I am trying to use Connector-J v3.1.12 I fail to see the unicode chars, as MySQL knows them, rather I see 0x00FC. As the result, cyrillic chars are treated incorrectly at all. As I've seen in mysql-connector-java-3.1.12 sources, the driver does not issue 'use names utf8' at the init stage, but rather relies on 'character_set_server' variable. I can't set this variable to utf8, as soon as I have different databases, running different encodings in MySQL server and this setting breaks the normal behaviour. Why not using 'character_set_database' ?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Importand datasource options are:

<connection-property name="useUnicode">true</connection-property>
<!-- Has no effect: -->
<!-- connection-property name="characterEncoding">UTF-8</connection-property -->

The corresponding Java code is:

String name = ...;
PreparedStatement st = ...;

st.setBytes(1, name.getBytes("UTF-8"));
//st.setString(1, name) -- has the same effect

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Java Unicode <-> MySQL Unicode
April 04, 2006 02:51AM

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