Re: Microsoft Access migration: Referential Integrity
Posted by: Scott Harmon
Date: June 21, 2005 01:53PM

Edwin DeSouza wrote:
> Hi Scott,
> Since you are diving into MikeZ's code - are there
> any other ideas/features you want to recommend?
> - Edwin

Nothing yet, we are in the process of trying to migrate a fairly large access database to MySQL. The only thing I haven't really taken a look at yet is if the indices are all being created properly. I did notice that Memo fields are being translated into BigText fields, while this is necessary to match the size that the memo field provides, I think that it would usually be overkill for most things that are using memo fields (since they generally get used if you need to store more than 255 characters). It would be nice to have the option of Text, MediumText or BigText, when converting this type (I know I can change it after or in the sql statements themselves, but allowing me to make a default smaller than BigText whould be nice).

The only other thing I can think of is a tool to port all our forms, reports, and modules to something like Java. ;-)

I also just wanted to say I appreciate Michael Zinner's quick and friendly responses. It's great that he can provide tools like this to the MySQL community.



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