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Re: User requirements for MySQL Partitioning
Posted by: Mikael Ronström
Date: May 25, 2005 12:07PM

Hi Jey,

jey Razack wrote:
> Listed below are the required features to manage
> >1TB VLDBs:
> - Global index on the primary table (across
> partitions)

Is on the TODO list but currently not very high mostly since it requires
a fair amount of work.

> - Local indexes on each partitions.

Is already there.

> - Select fld1,... from
> <PrimaryTable>.<PartitionName> WHERE
> ....

Will look into that, probably not a major problem (mostly a syntax problem since
I think . is allowed in table names)

> - sqldump : dump entire table or selected
> partitions

Will look into it.

> - import entire table or selected partitions.
> - Move partition from one tablespace to
> another/new.
> - Merge,split , rename,truncate and drop
> partitions. Also set status to active or
> inactive.

Active and Inactive is an interesting feature, I had a similar requirement
from another person where this was required but as a consequence of a
failure in the partition (so server generated inactive state)

The others are on the list of my next items to do.

> - Option to load any partition to cache (heap
> storage engine may not help)

Not sure which cache you refer to here?

> - Able to create view on a set of selected
> partitions.

If the <table>.<partition> is done this should be automatic

> - Optimization hints for Index usage and other
> select / join operations.

Is there anything more than the normal FORCE INDEX you refer to here?

> - Don't allow to drop all the partitions. Atleast
> the table must have one active partition.

Sounds like something which should be configurable since I presume there
are differing requirements here.

> - Row counts are cached for each partitions and
> for the entire table so that
> the select count(*) from
> <table>.<partition> will display the
> count faster.

Row count optimisations are done on handler level so the <table>.<partition>
syntax is probably needed to be able to speed up this most likely but I'll look into

> Regards..
> Jey Razack

Thx Jey for sharing the requirements, it gave me a couple of good hints on what to look
at and ensured I didn't bury those I already put on the TODO list.

Rgrds Mikael

Mikael Ronstrom
Senior Software Architect, MySQL AB
My blog:

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Re: User requirements for MySQL Partitioning
May 25, 2005 12:07PM

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