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MySQL 5.1.7-beta: Partitioning specific items
Posted by: Edwin DeSouza
Date: March 07, 2006 11:35AM

MySQL 5.1.7-beta, a new version of the popular Open Source Database
Management System, has been released.

Complete Announcement:,74195,74195#msg-74195

Partitioning specific items:

News from the ChangeLog:

Functionality added or changed:
* All subpartitions within a given partitioned table are now
guaranteed to have unique names.
(Bug #15408 (
* Attempting to read pre-5.1.6 partitioned tables with a MySQL 5.1.7
(or later) server now generates a suitable warning message.
(Bug #16695 (
For additional information about this issue, see Section D.1.3,
"Changes in release 5.1.6 (01 February 2006)."

Bugs fixed:
* Querying the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.partitions table on a non-max server
caused a server crash. (Bug #16591 (
* Attempting to add a new partition to a table partitioned by a unique
key would cause an Out of memory error.
(Bug #17169 (
* A SELECT from the last partition of a subpartitioned table having a
UNIQUE KEY could crash the MySQL Server.
(Bug #16907 (
* A SELECT on a subpartitioned table having a multiple-column PRIMARY
or UNIQUE KEY, and whose partitioning function used only the first
column of the key, could cause mysqld to crash.
(Bug #16901 (
* Using REPLACE INTO on a partitioned table having a primary key would
crash the server in the event of a duplicate key error.
(Bug #16782 (
* DROP TABLE would sometimes fail on a table having subpartitions that
used the default storage engine.
(Bug #16775 (
* On Windows platforms, some attempts to create partitioned tables
from the command line would cause the mysql client to hang.
(Bug #17082 (
* Trying to create a partitioned table with more than 32 attributes
failed. (Bug #17179 (

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MySQL 5.1.7-beta: Partitioning specific items
March 07, 2006 11:35AM

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