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Re: A Fulltext search get less than a like %aa%,why?
Posted by: Rick James
Date: February 10, 2010 12:19AM

Some of the challenges we get! Have I correctly found the difference between the two queries?...
SELECT  DISTINCT as key1, as key2, as key3, a.title, a.sectionid,
        a.catid, a.created,
        CASE YEAR(a.modified) WHEN 0 THEN a.created ELSE a.modified END As modified,
        a.created_by, a.created_by_alias, AS author, a.hits,
        CASE WHEN CHAR_LENGTH(a.alias)
               THEN CONCAT_WS(":",, a.alias) ELSE END AS slug,
        CASE WHEN CHAR_LENGTH(cc.alias)
               THEN CONCAT_WS(":",, cc.alias) ELSE END AS catslug ,
        "-" AS voting
    FROM  jos_content AS a
    LEFT JOIN  jos_jf_content AS jf  ON jf.reference_id =
    LEFT JOIN  jos_users AS u        ON = a.created_by
    LEFT JOIN  jos_categories AS cc  ON a.catid =
    WHERE  1
      AND  a.sectionid = 2
      AND  a.access <= 0
      AND  (a.state = 1)
      AND  ( a.publish_up  = '0000-00-00 00:00:00'
         OR  a.publish_up <= '2010-02-09 01:35:52' )
      AND  ( a.publish_down  = '0000-00-00 00:00:00'
         OR  a.publish_down >= '2010-02-09 01:35:52' )
# Either these:
      AND  LOWER( a.title ) LIKE '%waste%'
       OR  ( ( LOWER( a.introtext ) LIKE '%waste%' )
       OR  ( LOWER( a.fulltext ) LIKE '%waste%' )
       OR  ( LOWER( a.metakey ) LIKE '%waste%'))
# Or this:
      AND  MATCH (a.title,a.introtext,a.fulltext,
       a.metakey) AGAINST(' "waste" ' IN BOOLEAN MODE)

* OR, LOWER, and leading '%' all bypass any use of index --> slow
* FULLTEXT, when present, will trump all other indexes.
* 'foowaste' will match '%waste%' but will not match in fulltext. This probably explains the mismatch in counts.

If you want further discussion of speed, please provide SHOW CREATE TABLE and EXPLAIN.

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Re: A Fulltext search get less than a like %aa%,why?
February 10, 2010 12:19AM

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