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Re: How can I optimize this query?
Posted by: Rick James
Date: March 13, 2010 04:07PM

What you have (a little more readable):
SELECT  gi.longip, cl.locId,, cl.region,
        count(*) as loccount
       ( SELECT  distinct longip
           from  whyu.stats
           WHERE  longip!=0
       ) as gi
    STRAIGHT_JOIN geoipdb.cityblocks AS cb  ON g.longip BETWEEN cb.startIpNum AND endIpNum
    INNER JOIN  geoipdb.citylocation AS cl  ON cb.locId = cl.locId
    GROUP BY  cl.locId

Are there any overlaps in start/endIpNum? If not, we may be able to turn this Order(N*N) STRAIGHT_JOIN into an Order(N) subquery.

To assist in analyzing slow SELECTs, please provide
* SHOW CREATE TABLE tbl\G -- engine, indexes
* SHOW TABLE STATUS LIKE 'tbl'\G -- sizes
* EXPLAIN SELECT ...\G -- clues of inefficiencies
* SHOW VARIABLES LIKE '%buffer%'; -- cache size
and surround them with [ code ] and [ / code ]

See if any of these help:,356125 (update big table cause an excution time out),293341 (Help with the best table layout for message board),278476 (Can a Mysql MyISAM or InnoDB table benefit from the STRIPE feature of disk device?),278480 (Can a Mysql MyISAM or a InnoDB table benefit from a set of multi-thread and multi-disk I/O device?),271268 (Checking for exact match in row),255092 (What data type should I use and what storage engine?)

Are you willing to break geoipdb.cityblocks into 32 tables?

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