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Re: Help with Explain Plan
Posted by: Rick James
Date: April 24, 2010 02:36PM

SELECT as email_job, ej.memo as memo,
        ej.create_date as `date`,
        concat(x.post_name, ' (',x.post_id,')') as post_name,
        COUNT(IF(tr.type="1", 1, null)) AS opens,
        COUNT(IF(tr.type="2", 1, null)) AS clicks,
        sum(if(tr.type="2", tr.payout, 0)) AS total,
        x.complaints as complaints,
        x.blocked as blocked
    FROM  email_job ej, 
          ( SELECT  ej2.create_date as job_date, as job_report_id,
           as job_id, as post_name,
                    count( as volume, ptc2.post_id as post_id,
                    count(if(ejmr2.status = 'complaint', 1, NULL)) as complaints,
                    count(if(ejmr2.status = 'blocked', 1, NULL)) as blocked
            from  email_job ej2
            join  email_job_report ejr2 on
            join  email_job_message_report ejmr2
            join  post_to_campaign ptc2
                  on ptc2.campaign_id=ejmr2.campaign_id
            join  post p2 on
            where  ej2.type='email'
              and  ej2.start_date >= '2010-04-15 00:00:00'
              and  ej2.start_date <= '2010-04-15 23:59:59'
            group by, ejmr2.campaign_id
            order by
        ) as x
    join  post p  on = x.post_id
    JOIN  post_to_campaign ptc  ON = ptc.post_id
    JOIN  email_job_message_report ejmr
           ON ejmr.email_job_report_id = x.job_report_id
              and  ejmr.campaign_id=ptc.campaign_id
    LEFT JOIN  tracking_request tr
           ON ejmr.to_profile_id = tr.profile_id
               AND (tr.post_id =
               AND  tr.type IN ('3', '4', '13', '2', '1')
               AND (   tr.status IS NULL
                   OR  tr.status NOT IN ('removed', 'duplicate', 'reversed'))
    WHERE = x.job_id
    order by;

I need most of this info to further analyze the situation:
* SHOW CREATE TABLE tbl\G -- engine, indexes
* SHOW TABLE STATUS LIKE 'tbl'\G -- sizes
* EXPLAIN SELECT ...\G -- clues of inefficiencies
* SHOW VARIABLES LIKE '%buffer%'; -- cache size
and surround them with [ code ] and [ / code ]

Also, how long does the subquery take by itself?

COUNT(IF(tr.type="2", 1, null)) AS clicks,
--> (slightly shorter)
SUM(tr.type='2') AS clicks

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Re: Help with Explain Plan
April 24, 2010 02:36PM
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