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Don't dread "Using temporary; Using filesort"
Posted by: Rick James
Date: July 18, 2011 08:08PM

innodb_buffer_pool_size | 8388608
Read and heed
Even 20M would help this query -- your tables are tiny.

The EXPLAIN says Rows = 1 and 1, as if there is only one row needed from each table.

"Filesort" probably leads to creating a temp table using the MEMORY Engine; this is very efficient. For 1 row, we are talking about on the order of a millisecond. The "filesort" would be a C call to quicksort in memory (unless it optimizes the case of 1 row).

The point is, "filesort" and "using temporary" are necessary, and not be dreaded.

You have author_id and date being NULLable; can it really be NULL?

select  p.*
    from  publications
    inner join  publication_credits AS pc on = pc.publication_id
    where  (pc.author_id = 111)
    order by desc;
The cause of the "filesort" is probably that you are filtering on one table, then collecting data from another, and finally need to sort.

Your query is reasonably well optimized, and your indexes are reasonable (based on what I have seen so far).

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Don't dread "Using temporary; Using filesort"
July 18, 2011 08:08PM

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