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Re: GROUP BY ,ORDER BY optimization help
Posted by: Ciobanu MArius
Date: October 08, 2011 03:41AM

Thanks for helping me.

SELECT,, g.playcount, g.rating, g.desc, g.nameid, 
  GROUP_CONCAT(m.username SEPARATOR ', ') AS authornames, 
FROM `games` as g 
JOIN `game_hacker` as gh ON = gh.gameid 
LEFT JOIN `members` as m ON gh.userid = 
WHERE g.`active`='Yes' AND g.unhacked=0 
GROUP BY g.`id`
ORDER BY g.`rating` DESC,g.`order` DESC

this would be the new query.which is using index; usign temporary

>First, does "GROUP BY order" give you the 'right' answer?
Yes. Table game_hacker, has gameid and userid in it, 1 gameid can have more
than 1 user, that's why I want to group the users to 1 game, it can be `order` which should be unique or id; it does not matter, order column is filled with game ids.

>I see no obvious reason for using LEFT; maybe use plain JOIN?
first LEFT JOIN is wrong, you are right should be plain JOIN, second, in the `game_hacker` there are games which are added by anonymous users and because of that there are 0 which does not exist in members table, but I need that games too.

>The first of these is redundant, and can be DROPped:
you are right. dropped.

>The 25 is nonsense. INT has a range of plus/minus 2 billion, regardless of the number after it.
I'm not sure you are right here. From what I know, the number after numberic types is the width of displaying number. it is to big, but is has nothing to do with INT range. correct if I'm wrong or I missunderstood

Any other ideas. The query isn't optimized. Is still using temporary probably because of the different GROUP BY, ORDER BY.
One question: in the explian key_len is 2; active 1 byte + unhacked 1 byte, means is using this 2 ones?

I appreciate all your efforts on this.

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Re: GROUP BY ,ORDER BY optimization help
October 08, 2011 03:41AM

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