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Re: Index for Query
Posted by: Rick James
Date: July 19, 2012 09:49PM

I have provided hundreds of indexing examples in the Performance forum.
Here's a sampling of what might be some of the better ones:
index design -,558435 (Backup and trimming data idea)
*, index, InnoDB -,530328 (Does LIMIT 1 without ORDER BY ID bring the record with minimum ID?)
2-field index -,519675 (problem for selecting range of date between 2 dates)
index -,519897 (Creating an Index)
EXPLAIN, index, RoT -,519097 (Help optimizing query/index)
covering index -,514321 (Strange performance with JOIN/COUNT)
index-10-30 -,508243 (MySQL 5.1.49 - Optimal settings for memory usage)
index -,508224 (indexing)
*, INDEX, not using index -,507723 (Problem with a query performance)
bulk, char vs int, index -,505513 (Best primary key or index)
indexing -,505046 (Issues with possible duplicate indices on table)
compound index, key_len -,452643 (Multi-Column indexes)
datatype storage, index -,433419 (physical bytes)
index details -,433282 (how index grows in size)
indexing -,433373 (Looking for understanding of optimizing queries)
prefix index -,424725 (Very slow sort on Order By for MySQL query.)
compound index -,422437 (Index on Datetime Col is not used When Where Clause combines two or more predicates)
index -,418955 (Stop using filesort)
index join -,411522 (ideal indexing for inner join, rowcount of 1)
index -,409094 (Table marked as crashed and last (automatic?) repair failed)
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index design -,409053 (MySQL not using indexes)
index -,401240 (11 millions records : more than 30 seconds to retrieve simple request)
index -,399387 (Slow query with order by and limit)
index -,393815 (Index recomendations)

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Re: Index for Query
July 19, 2012 09:49PM

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