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About show status and mysqladmin status command
Posted by: Ai Hua
Date: April 29, 2006 08:11PM

As we known, the 'mysqladmin status' command result displays the following values:
Uptime--The number of seconds the MySQL server has been running.

Threads--The number of active threads (clients).

Questions--The number of questions (queries) from clients since the server was started.

Slow queries--The number of queries that have taken more than long_query_time seconds.

Opens--The number of tables the server has opened.

Flush tables--The number of flush-*, refresh, and reload commands the server has executed.

Open tables--The number of tables that currently are open.

while 'SHOW STATUS' displays the following values:
Open_files--The number of files that are open.

Open_streams--The number of streams that are open (used mainly for logging).

Open_tables--The number of tables that are open.

Opened_tables--The number of tables that have been opened. If Opened_tables is big, your table_cache value is probably too small.

Threads_cached--The number of threads in the thread cache. This variable was added in MySQL 3.23.17.

Threads_connected--The number of currently open connections.

Threads_created--The number of threads created to handle connections. If Threads_created is big, you may want to increase the thread_cache_size value. The cache hit rate can be calculated as Threads_created divided by Connections. This variable was added in MySQL 3.23.31.

Threads_running--The number of threads that are not sleeping.

Then 'Threads' displayed in 'mysql status' is equal to 'Threads_connected' displayed in 'show status'?

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About show status and mysqladmin status command
April 29, 2006 08:11PM

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