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Re: MySQL + NAS(NFS or CIFS) + Huge Table Insert Problem (Long)
Posted by: JinNo Kim
Date: September 20, 2005 06:52AM

I read the presentations available at these links, but it looks like I was the only one foolish enough to try the HUGE table size using NAS over NFS. The only real warning I can find about data dir +NFS is at:

"Don't use NFS disks for data (you will have problems with NFS locking)."

I should have found this _before_ starting :) It was deceptive for me, though, because I had such great performance and no issues for quite some time.

I would be very interested in hearing what drove LANL to split the databases to other servers at ~500GB, because that's approximately where I started having the frequent crashes - frequent, but never really predicatable. My row size is fixed (the inserts are almost exclusively to the all integer+2 datetime table I referenced in my post) and pretty small. I've really just finished tuning our import script to handle the daily file rotation thing and accounting for all the potential errors (OK, a 12 hour day today _might_ have finished tuning it).

[InnoDB note]
Of interest to all (and likely shouldn't appear here, but the Inno forum) is that pointing MySQL at a severely damaged Inno tablespace = bad *and* if you attempt to move the InnoDB tablespace + .frm files to a new server, make sure the DB name you create for your mounts are IDENTICAL (thank you dd + hexedit).

So if your mount point for the original DB was foo with a table of bar (foo/bar) inside ibdata mounted at foo, no amount of effort will convince MySQL to open the bar table from a DB of foo1 (foo1/bar) - even if you get it to read the tablespace with my.cnf changes. It will find the .frm and scream at startup, but the table just will not be there. Remount at foo (with Inno recovery option set to >=3 in my case) and everything is fine (relatively)...

I guess this makes sense if you spend time thinking about it, but the prospect of losing 1.6 billion rows had me nervous.


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Re: MySQL + NAS(NFS or CIFS) + Huge Table Insert Problem (Long)
September 20, 2005 06:52AM

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