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SATA, SATA II, U320 SCSI, etc.
Posted by: mike
Date: December 08, 2005 07:13AM

I'm looking at building some cluster MySQL nodes, using m/cluster most likely (or perhaps MySQL cluster, after 5.1 is released) - so I'm not looking for necessarily extremely beefy servers, but the idea of distributing the load among many medium-scale nodes instead of only a one or two large-scale nodes.

I'm trying to find a sweet spot between price and density. I would love to use SATA II.

I understand the benefits of multiple drives (redundancy, and in certain RAID configurations, some performance gain) - my options with this specific chassis are 1 drive and 2 drives. 1 drive would allow me to include a slim floppy/cdrom, which would be a nice balance to have both. If I have to, I can go with 2 drives, and run them in RAID0 for performance gains, I suppose (redundancy will be assumed because of having the multiple machines, and then doing routine database dumps to a hardware RAID-protected storage server)

Back to business, though:

MySQL would run "pretty damn well" on a Linux 64-bit kernel (Debian-amd64) and XFS filesystem on an SATA II 7200 RPM drive - or even better with a 10k RPM drive, right? Would anyone see a major benefit to jumping up to u320 SCSI? It'll cost a lot more, and SATA II is theoretically nearly 10x as fast at it's maximum speeds, has NCQ and other things that may work "just fine" for what I need.

Each machine will be a dual-core Opteron with probably 4 gigs of RAM apiece. Perhaps 8, if that's decided to be important. These machines will be running MySQL and whatever the m/cluster daemon/service requires - so dedicated totally for this use.

I guess I'm just looking for some suggestions, maybe some real world examples as well, where people have switched to or from u320 and SATA and seen some sort of gains/etc.

I'll be using MyISAM to begin. InnoDB is an option at some point, so if either of these hardware components may help that, it would be nice to know. Also it sounds like disabling NCQ might help for thoroughput... this level of detail I need some help with :)


please reply to my thread about mysql usage - i'd like to collect some data! thanks!,57080

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SATA, SATA II, U320 SCSI, etc.
December 08, 2005 07:13AM
December 11, 2005 06:30AM

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