User-friendly approaches to displaying subtable data
Posted by: Colleen Boye
Date: June 21, 2013 08:18PM

This is just a general database design question.

When you select from tables with a one-to-many relationship using a left join, SQL displays a separate line (containing all the data from the left-hand table) for each item from the right-hand table. So in my database, where there are records that can be assigned many locations, you get something like:

Record Number|Location
1            | Loc1
1            | Loc2
1            | Loc3
2            | Loc1
2            | Loc4

Of course this is correct database behavior, but I imagine it tends to throw users for a loop and result in a lot of "Why is this record listed multiple times?" questions if it's displayed like that. So what are some ways that one handles data to make it less confusing to users?

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