Store Specs With Trial?
Posted by: S D
Date: March 03, 2018 04:56PM

I am creating a database for lab testing.

For regular testing, each [Trial] references a [Spec] which defines the [TrialSetup] (device parameters) and [TrialResultLimits] (did it meet spec). Specs may sometimes be overridden.

For special testing (5% of trials), the user inputs all [TrialSetup] and [TrialResultLimits] fields.

How should I store the [TrialSetup] and [TrialResultLimits] used for each [Trial]?

OPTION 1: Store a copy

Each [Trial] stores a copy (or "snapshot") of the [Spec] used. For overrides, the [Trial] is flagged and user modifies the copied fields. For special testing, the user enters in every field.

SpecSetup (table): specRev_id, {TrialSetup & TrialResultLimits fields}
| (copy)
TrialSetup (table): trial_id, {TrialSetup & TrialResultLimits fields}

OPTION 2: Reference Spec Revision

A [Trial] points to a [SpecRev]. A [SpecRev] must NEVER be modified, instead a new revision is created. For overrides and special testing, a new [SpecRev] is created and marked hidden (not available for future trials).

OPTION 3: Suggestions?

1. Duplicating data "feels" like a bad idea, but snapshots "feel" like a good idea. Unsure why.
2. Every [Trial] referencing a [SpecRev] feels more robust somehow. However, if a [SpecRev] is ever inadvertently modified, every [Trial] that references it now incorrect.

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Store Specs With Trial?
March 03, 2018 04:56PM
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