Store TrialSetup - reworded
Posted by: S D
Date: March 04, 2018 12:11PM

I am creating a database for lab testing.

For most testing, each [Trial] references a [SpecRev], a paper document which defines the [SpecRevTrialSetup] (equipment, setup parameters,etc).

Two exceptions (overrides and special testing) add much complexity to the design.


Sometimes the required equipment or components are not available. In these cases, the manager can approve one-time override for equivalent substitutes. Since the [Trial] no longer matches [SpecRevTrialSetup], I must store the modifications somewhere.

I see three possible options:

Option 1, Store Locally: The [Trial] references the original [SpecRev]. Each [Trial] also locally stores the [TrialSetup] fields used, including any modifications. This creates many duplicates, but you have a local "snapshot" for each [Trial].

Option 2, Single Use SpecRev: The original [SpecRev] is copied to a new [SpecRev], marked temporary, and modified with the overrides. The [Trial] then references the new [SpecRev]. This maintains the [Trial.SpecRev.SpecRevTrialSetup] for how the [Trial] was performed.

Option 3, Store as Overrides: The [Trial] points to the [SpecRev] and optionally points to a [SpecRevOverride] object. For each field in [SpecRev], if there is an override, then use it, and otherwise, use the [SpecRev] value.


For special testing, there is no [SpecRev]. In this case, I see two options:

Option 1, Store Locally: Each [Trial] locally stores all [TrialSetup] fields used. The user must input values for each field.

Option 2, Single Use SpecRev: A new [SpecRev] is created, marked temporary, and populated by the user. The [Trial] then references the new [SpecRev]. This maintains the [Trial.SpecRev.SpecRevTrialSetup] for how the [Trial] was performed. However, special testing doesn't logically reference a [SpecRev]

QUESTION: Given these two special cases, how should I store the [TrialSetup] for each [Trial]?

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Store TrialSetup - reworded
March 04, 2018 12:11PM

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