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Re: Any plans on supporting FULL-TEXT index, per-table tablespaces and partitioning?
Posted by: Tore Krudtaa
Date: February 11, 2007 05:28AM

--Why do you want per-table tablespaces?--

Maybe I used the wrong word....

The reason for asking was that I wanted to be able to control where to store data for the tables...
different tables in the database on different directories and/or different disks.

Will this be posssible with Falcon?
Any timeline, one year, two years....?

-- Fulltext --
So your answer here means that MySQL wants to have fulltext search implemented for the Falcon engine... right?
But how that is to be implemented or when is up in the air... right?

One thing I would like you to consider when implementing this is:
Let say I want a fulltext index on a field called ITE_TEXT.
Then I would like to be able to combine that fulltext index with another field (or more than one field) in the database so I can say something like:
select f1,f2 from t1 where f4=x and match(ITE_TEXT) against('nature' in boolean mode)

I would of course want this to work so this does not force a full table scan.
This is one of the major, at least for me, limitations of the fulltext implementation with MyISAM today.... that I cannot combine the indexed field with another field in the query.

Then if possible, it would be nice if this fulltext implementation is a lot faster for large datasets that the fulltext for MyISAM. We want faster results from the queries.

Also please do not forget to make it possible to still use partitioning when using fulltext index.

-- partitioning --
Good to hear...
Then I really hope you can make it so that we can control where to store each of the partitions. I want to be able to control which directory and server to store the partitions (at least) and eventually also where to store the indexes.

-- ONE last question, maybe not relevant though since I do not know if Falcon will support query cache... but if: --
As for InnoDB there is this query cache which "sometimes" proves to be efficient.

Now... one limitation of the query cache implementation, for InnoDB, is that it only works for the table as a whole.
Let say you have a blog site. Then each record will belong to different members and may be controlled by using a field MEM_ID.

As it is today, for InnoDB, if any member make some changes to a table where I also store MEM_ID then the query cache will be cleared for queries related to all the members.

I want the query cache to be able to use one or more developer dependable field names when deciding which queries for a given table to be cleared from the query cache.

So in short.... I want to be able to, pr query, be able to tell the engine that only clear queries in the cache for this table where the field MEM_ID has a specific value.

Regards, and best luck with the new Falcon engine!

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