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Load balancer and Aborted_connects
Posted by: Jester Milard
Date: February 02, 2008 02:14PM

I'm not sure this is the right forum for this question, but I couldn't find a better place.
I have two servers in a master-slave configuration. The reads are load balanced (in hardware) between the master and slave.

The problem is that the load balancer checks that the servers are alive and apparently it doesn't close the connection correctly. As a result the Aborted_connects variable gets incremented after every "ping" which occurs every few seconds.

This is, of course, a problem since I can't figure out if I get Aborted_connects from real users.

below is, what I think, a representative tcpdump of the communication:

14:08:29.460706 IP lb.11969 > db01.mysql: S 278306807:278306807(0) win 8760 <mss 1460,eol>
14:08:29.460721 IP db01.mysql > lb.11969: S 1245083657:1245083657(0) ack 278306808 win 5840 <mss 1460>
14:08:29.462474 IP lb.11969 > db01.mysql: . ack 1 win 8760
14:08:29.462630 IP lb.11969 > db01.mysql: F 1:1(0) ack 1 win 8760
14:08:29.462637 IP db01.mysql > lb.11969: P 1:101(100) ack 1 win 5840
14:08:29.462672 IP db01.mysql > lb.11969: F 101:101(0) ack 2 win 5840
14:08:29.462996 IP lb.11969 > db01.mysql: . ack 101 win 8760
14:08:29.463008 IP db01.mysql > lb.11969: . ack 2 win 5840
14:08:29.463186 IP lb.11969 > db01.mysql: . ack 102 win 8760
14:08:29.463413 IP lb.11969 > db01.mysql: R 2:2(0) ack 103 win 8760

Has anyone encountered such issues? Does anyone knows how to solve this? Should the load balancer send some other packet to close the connection?

Thanks a bunch,

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Load balancer and Aborted_connects
February 02, 2008 02:14PM
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