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Re: Restore
Posted by: sujit agarwal
Date: April 25, 2023 12:03PM

Please find below the log about restore from local s3 is not working.

But when I check the logs it saying all data is verified and no data load.

2023-04-25 17:54:20,218] sidecar [INFO ] Executing load_dump(/mysql/mycluster-hourly230425174209, {'progressFile': '', 's3BucketName': 'sample', 's3Profile': 'default', 's3EndpointOverride': 'http://s3-service:8333';})
Loading DDL and Data from AWS S3 bucket=sample, prefix='/mysql/mycluster-hourly230425174209' using 4 threads.
Opening dump...
Target is MySQL 8.0.32. Dump was produced from MySQL 8.0.32
Fetching dump data from remote location...
Listing files...
Listing files - done
Scanning metadata...
Scanning metadata - done
Checking for pre-existing objects...
Executing common preamble SQL
Executing DDL...
Executing DDL - done
Executing view DDL...
Executing view DDL - done
Loading data...
Starting data load
Recreating indexes...
Loading data - done
Recreating indexes - done
Executing common postamble SQL
No data loaded.
0 warnings were reported during the load.
[2023-04-25 17:54:20,421] sidecar [INFO ] Load_dump finished
[2023-04-25 17:54:20,422] sidecar [INFO ] Creating local accounts
[2023-04-25 17:54:20,435] sidecar [INFO ] Resetting password for mysqladmin@%
[2023-04-25 17:54:20,440] sidecar [INFO ] Dropping cloned mysql_innodb_cluster_metadata schema
[2023-04-25 17:54:20,511] sidecar [INFO ] Configuration finished
[2023-04-25 17:54:20,517] sidecar [INFO ] Server.TLS.useSelfSigned: True
[2023-04-25 17:54:20,518] sidecar [INFO ] Starting Operator request handler...
[2023-04-25 17:54:20,529] [INFO ] sidecar: configure()
[2023-04-25 17:54:20,535] [INFO ] Activity 'configure' succeeded.
[2023-04-25 17:54:20,538] kopf._core.engines.a [INFO ] Initial authentication has been initiated.
[2023-04-25 17:54:20,543] kopf.activities.auth [INFO ] Activity 'login_via_client' succeeded.
[2023-04-25 17:54:20,543] kopf._core.engines.a [INFO ] Initial authentication has finished.
[2023-04-25 17:54:20,618] kopf._core.reactor.o [WARNING ] Not enough permissions to list namespaces. Falling back to a list of namespaces which are assumed to exist: {'default'}
[2023-04-25 17:54:20,634] kopf._core.reactor.o [WARNING ] Not enough permissions to watch for resources: changes (creation/deletion/updates) will not be noticed; the resources are only refreshed on operator restarts.
[2023-04-25 17:54:20,635] kopf._core.reactor.o [WARNING ] Not enough permissions to watch for namespaces: changes (deletion/creation) will not be noticed; the namespaces are only refreshed on operator restarts.

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Re: Restore
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