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Re: Unable to start metrics sidecar innodbcluster
Posted by: Thomas de Gier
Date: February 01, 2024 02:46AM

Some error logs/output

The metrics sidecar in the innodbcluster:

Container ID: containerd://c5d0a312f0057664884f1fd6cc8beccbfcce30e92b4dcafd4c982a244dd2a167
Image: prom/mysqld-exporter
Image ID:
Port: 9104/TCP
Host Port: 0/TCP
State: Waiting
Reason: CrashLoopBackOff
Last State: Terminated
Reason: Error
Exit Code: 1
Started: Thu, 01 Feb 2024 09:33:11 +0100
Finished: Thu, 01 Feb 2024 09:33:11 +0100
Ready: False
Restart Count: 4
DATA_SOURCE_NAME: mysqlmetrics:@unix(/var/run/mysqld/mysql.sock)/
/var/run/mysqld from rundir (rw)
/var/run/secrets/ from kube-api-access-bhtsm (ro)

The events around deployment
Normal Started 119s kubelet Started container sidecar
Normal Created 119s kubelet Created container mysql
Normal Started 118s kubelet Started container metrics
Normal Created 118s kubelet Created container metrics
Normal Pulled 118s kubelet Successfully pulled image "prom/mysqld-exporter" in 684.857848ms
Normal Pulling 117s (x2 over 119s) kubelet Pulling image "prom/mysqld-exporter"
Normal Logging 97s kopf Creating cluster at ictest-0
Normal Logging 97s kopf server_id=1000 server_uuid=482708e4-c0dc-11ee-a8fd-0a8dcb1d4d57 report_host=ictest-0.ictest-instances.testing.svc.cluster.local gtid_executed=None gtid_purged=None
Normal Logging 97s kopf POD CREATED: pod=ictest-0 ContainersReady=False Ready=False gate[configured]=True
Normal Logging 97s kopf cluster probe: status=ClusterDiagStatus.INITIALIZING online=[]
Normal Logging 97s kopf Using PASSWORD GR authentication
Normal Logging 97s kopf CREATE CLUSTER: seed=ictest-0, options={'gtidSetIsComplete': True, 'manualStartOnBoot': True, 'memberSslMode': 'REQUIRED', 'exitStateAction': 'ABORT_SERVER'}
Normal Logging 97s kopf CLUSTER DELETING=False
Normal Logging 92s kopf cluster_controller::post_create_actions
Normal Logging 92s kopf create_cluster OK
Normal Logging 91s kopf Handler 'on_pod_create' succeeded.
Normal Logging 91s kopf Creation is processed: 1 succeeded; 0 failed.

ts=2024-02-01T08:42:21.830Z caller=mysqld_exporter.go:220 level=info msg="Starting mysqld_exporter" version="(version=0.15.1, branch=HEAD, revision=cc349684494b5038ec5a52233bdca9eb9291e6f2)"
ts=2024-02-01T08:42:21.830Z caller=mysqld_exporter.go:221 level=info msg="Build context" build_context="(go=go1.21.5, platform=linux/amd64, user=root@d89c15b9f5ad, date=20231212-07:55:09, tags=unknown)"
ts=2024-02-01T08:42:21.830Z caller=config.go:150 level=error msg="failed to validate config" section=client err="no user specified in section or parent"
ts=2024-02-01T08:42:21.830Z caller=mysqld_exporter.go:225 level=info msg="Error parsing host config" err="no configuration found"

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Re: Unable to start metrics sidecar innodbcluster
February 01, 2024 02:46AM

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