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Memcached: Articles, Blogs, Docs, FAQs
Posted by: Edwin DeSouza
Date: November 08, 2007 06:58PM

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- Wiki:
- Download:
- Resources:
- Discussion:

Documentation: MySQL and Memcached:

Documentation: PHP and Memcached:

Presentation: Designing Scalable Applications with Memcached and MySQL

Presentation: Memcached for MySQL: Advanced Use Cases

Tutorial (OSCON 2008): Memcached and MySQL

MySQL, Memcached, NoSQL

Great Strategies for Using Memcached and MySQL Better Together

Should you use memcached? Should you just shard mysql more?

The Secret to Memcached

Memcached: How do you install memcached? (CentOS 64 bit, Linux, Redhat, Fedora)

Distributed Caching with Memcached (by Brad Fitzpatrick)

Memcached Tutorial:

Tiered Hierarchy of Memcaches:

APC or Memcached (by PeterZ)

Cache Performance Comparison (by PeterZ)

advcache and memcached benchmarks with Drupal

Memcached and MySQL UDFs

Debugging memcached UDF for MySQL

Memcached and MySQL Triggers

Memcached, Tokyo Tyrant, Tokyo Cabinet

WaffleGrid: Memcached as an L2 cache for InnoDB

Using Memcached as a Configuration Database (by Kevin Burton)

Using MySQL and Memcached on the GlassFish Application Server

JGroups Implementation of Memcached Supports Failover and JMX

JGroups Implementation of Memcached

JBoss Cache and Memcached:

Hibernate and Memcached:

Using Memcached with C++

Memcached Replication and Namespaces using MySQL Infrastructure.

MySQL Proxy: Replication into Memcached

mysql-proxy-cache (memcached)

Connection pooling libmemcached

ANTLRv3 grammar for the Memcached protocol


Memcached UDF for MySQL on OpenSolaris

Our current memcached cluster has 80 nodes, each providing 2gb of storage:

How do you know when you need more memcache servers?

Cache Farms, Read Pools:

Consistent Hashing:

Caching for Search:

Memcached, Memcapable, and Groonga Full-Text Search

Nginx and Memcached:

Caching Makes Your Brain Explode

Strategy: Break Up the Memcache Dog Pile

Dog-pile Effect and How to Avoid it with Ruby on Rails memcache-client Patch

Using Nginx, SSI and Memcache to Make Your Web Applications Faster

Hibernate and Memcached:

Cacti Memcache Multi-Port Templates

Presentation: Rockstar Memcaching

This is a Story of Caching

LiveJournal's Backend: A History of Scaling

Inside LiveJournal's backend

Scaling WikiPedia with LAMP: 7 billion page views per month

Case Studies:

Memcached Meets Flash:

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Memcached: Articles, Blogs, Docs, FAQs
November 08, 2007 06:58PM

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