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Maximum columns exceeded
Posted by: paulo lellis
Date: July 13, 2012 07:20PM

Hello to all.

I am trying to adapt my application to the ndbmemcluster and so far everything went just perfect and beyond dreams.

However, I was playing around Today and got the following issue starting the memcached daemon for a new server role:

root@/root/work/bin$ memcached -E /usr/local/mysql/lib/ -e "connectstring=localhost:1186;role=teste;" -u mysql -d -vvv -p 11212

root@/root/work/bin$ 13-Jul-2012 21:46:43 BRT NDB Memcache 5.5.22-ndb-7.2.6 started [NDB 7.2.6; MySQL 5.5.22]
Contacting primary management server (localhost:1186) ...
Connected to "localhost:1186" as node id 7.
Retrieved 3 key prefixes for server role "teste".
The default behavior is that:
GET uses NDB with local cache
SET uses NDB with local cache
DELETE uses NDB with local cache.
The 2 explicitly defined key prefixes are "GPLAN.AVERAGEN." (atlan_averagen_table) and "GPLAN.GCANDLE." (atlan_gbolsa_table)
Server started with 4 threads.
Priming the pump ...
memcached: /pb2/build/sb_0-5685222-1336648962.68/mysql-cluster-gpl-7.2.6/storage/ndb/memcache/src/ void Record::addColumn(short int, const NdbDictionary::Column*): Assertion `nvalues <= 16' failed.

The table with the error's ddl:
DROP TABLE atlan_bigd.atlan_averagen_table;
CREATE TABLE atlan_bigd.atlan_averagen_table (
mkey varchar(64) not null default '',
plan_name varchar(8) default null,
element varchar(32) default null,
atribute varchar(32) default null,
period varchar(8) default null,
stock varchar(32) default null,
refdate varchar(14) default null,
quanta varchar(14) default null,
count int default 0,
cls float default null,
var float default 1.0,
sum float default null,
avg float default null,
ema1 float default null,
ema2 float default null,
ema3 float default null,
ema4 float default null,
ema5 float default null,
ema6 float default null,
PRIMARY KEY (`mkey`)) ENGINE=ndbcluster DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1;

Does anyone knows how to increase the number of columns a given event must have? I mean, I'm pretty sure I could patch the file, but does it bring any downsizes/ issues?

Thanks in advance,
Paulo Lellis

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Maximum columns exceeded
July 13, 2012 07:20PM

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