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Mysql Cluster with memcached api
Posted by: Ashok Kumar
Date: February 05, 2014 05:07AM


I have installed mysql-cluster 7.3 with 5 nodes(1mgm,2datanode and 2sqlnode). Now i want to implement memcached api with cluster. i am running required command on new server without mysql start.

[root@ip-10-10-0-62 memcache-api]# memcached -E /usr/lib64/ -e "connectstring=mgmserver:1186;role=db-only;debug=true" -vv -u root -DWITH_BUNDLED_MEMCACHED=1 -DWITH_BUNDLED_LIBEVENT=0
main --> ndb_initialize()
main --> connect_to_primary_cluster()
05-Feb-2014 11:06:35 UTC NDB Memcache 5.6.14-ndb-7.3.3 started [NDB 7.3.3; MySQL 5.6.14]
Contacting primary management server (mgmserver:1186) ...
main --> ClusterConnectionPool::connect()
Connected to "mgmserver:1186" as node id 5.
main --> Configuration::fetch_meta_record()
main get_supported_version(): 1.2
main --> config_v1::read_configuration()
main get_server_role_id(): Name: "db-only" -- ID: 1
main --> config_v1::get_policies()
main get_policies(): ndb-test: get-2 set-2 del-2 flush-2 addr-0xa624f0
main get_policies(): caching-with-local-deletes: get-3 set-3 del-1 flush-1 addr-0xa8a460
main get_policies(): ndb-read-only: get-2 set-4 del-4 flush-1 addr-0xab2d00
main get_policies(): ndb-only: get-2 set-2 del-2 flush-1 addr-0xa87160
main get_policies(): caching: get-3 set-3 del-3 flush-1 addr-0xab4d30
main get_policies(): memcache-only: get-1 set-1 del-1 flush-1 addr-0xab18b0
main --> config_v1::get_connections()
main --> store_connection_pool_for_cluster()
main get_connections(): [0]: { 0 => "" [rtt: 250]}
main get_connections(): clusters: 1
main --> config_v1::get_prefixes()
main QueryPlan(): Using Index: PRIMARY on Table: key_prefixes [SCAN]
main get_container_record(): "demo_table" found in database (demo_table).
main get_container_record(): "demo_ext" found in database (demo_table_large).
main get_container_record(): "demo_tabs" found in database (demo_table_tabs).
main --> config_v1::log_signon()
main set_initial_cas(): Sign On GCI: 0x126100000008 | Node Id: [5] 0x50000000 | Engine bit: 0x1000000000
main set_initial_cas(): Initial CAS: 646720337739776 0x24c3050000000
main --> config_v1 destructor()
Retrieved 3 key prefixes for server role "db-only".
The default behavior is that:
GET uses NDB only
SET uses NDB only
DELETE uses NDB only.
The 2 explicitly defined key prefixes are "b:" (demo_table_large) and "t:" (demo_table_tabs)
main --> Configuration::openAllConnections()
main --> ClusterConnectionPool::connect()
open_connections_to_all_clusters() failed
main --> ndb_destroy()
Failed to initialize instance. Error code: 255

Please help me


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Mysql Cluster with memcached api
February 05, 2014 05:07AM
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