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Re: Frustration with Workbench - like it but frustrated
Posted by: Mike Lischke
Date: March 14, 2009 10:51AM

Hey Dave,

Sad to hear you had so disappointing experiences with WB. You know, it's a complex piece of software and what works for one often enough doesn't work for others. So there's always something not perfect. However hope is not lost. I don't see anything in your posting that couldn't be solved.

So what I read is that you have actually two problems:

1) Connection to your shared hosting is not working properly.
2) You get qualified identifiers in your SQL (db objects are prefaced by the name of the schema you used in the designer).

Let's start with the second problem, as this is easily solvable. When you do forward-engineering you can switch off qualified identifiers. There is a checkbox in the forward engineering wizard (like "Omit Schema Qualifiers in Object Names) for this action, so it is easy to avoid having the "mydb" prefix on all your schema objects.

The connection problem, though, is a bit more complicated. Here's a list what you need at least, to make it work:

1) A running MySQL server (5.0 or 5.1) on your hosting provider's box.
2) A user who is allowed to connect to your schema in question. You must create the account and assign it proper rights.
3) A hole in the firewall of the computer where your MySQL server runs on => open the port used by your MySQL server (default is 3306) to make it accessible by the outer world. NOTE: since this server is now reachable by the outer world expect the worst! Always secure your installation with strong passwords!
4) A hole in the firewall of your local box. It must be the same port as opened in point 3.

These are the minimum requirements, but unfortunately might not be enough. In shared hosting it is usually so that several users use the same physical machine with one MySQL server instance. This is the reason why many shared hosting providers refuse to open the database server port in their firewall. It is simply too dangerous for the other customers. In this case only a solution like HTTP or SSH tunneling can help. The bad news is: MySQL Workbench does not support HTTP tunneling (yet) and the good news is: SSH tunneling is independent of WB, so you could use that in any case (though it adds another layer of complexity to your setup).

Hoping your provide opens the port for you, you can now try to connect with WB (do a reverse engineering of the mysql schema or whatever you like). If you still cannot connect then there must be a nother problem. In this case I recommend trying other tools first (like MySQL Administrator, which would be a good help anyway, as you can use it to setup your server environment => access rights).

Please let me know what you see when you do that. If you like to get even faster response to solve your problem you can also visit us in the IRC channel #workbench on

Best regards


Mike Lischke, MySQL Developer Tools
Oracle Corporation

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Re: Frustration with Workbench - like it but frustrated
March 14, 2009 10:51AM

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