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Remote Connection to CentOS Mysql from windows network.
Posted by: Jeelani Khan
Date: May 17, 2017 04:31AM

Hi there,

I am trying to make a remote connection to MySql installed on CentOS on AAA.AAA.AAA.000 network from BBB.BBB.BBB.000 but its says the host is not allowed to connect to the system....

Host-name: pbx.local
Workbench: mysql-workbench-community-6.2.5-win32

ACCEPT all -- BBB.BBB.0.0/16 anywhere
-I INPUT -p tcp --dport 3306 -m state --state NEW,ESTABLISHED -j ACCEPT
-I OUTPUT -p tcp --sport 3306 -m state --state ESTABLISHED -j ACCEPT

CentOS: 6.2(Final) version

Name : mysql-server
Arch : i686
Version : 5.1.66
Release : 2.el6_3
Size : 24 M
Repo : installed
From repo : updates
Summary : The MySQL server and related files
License : GPLv2 with exceptions
Description : MySQL is a multi-user, multi-threaded SQL database server. MySQL
: is a client/server implementation consisting of a server daemon
: (mysqld) and many different client programs and libraries. This
: package contains the MySQL server and some accompanying files and
: directories.

I can locally login to the CentOS and then mySql with one user which has access to the databases and can query but how to take access from other network.

From putty I can login/telnet to the system from windows system but from workbench I cannot login/make connection to the system.

No idea what else remains but not able to make connection from workbench.

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Remote Connection to CentOS Mysql from windows network.
May 17, 2017 04:31AM

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