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Relationship between Entries and EntryTypes
Posted by: Mirza jk
Date: September 03, 2020 11:50AM

Hi Everyone,

Wish you best of health.

I have created two tables tblEntries and tblEntryTypes with attached data types and fields and i am trying to make relationship its giving me errors.

i want relationship one to many from tblEntryTypes.[EntryType] to tblEntries.[EntryType]

Please help what need to be written and what exact confirm my procedure is correct.

Also, i want to see the Sql of tables which already being created in Mysql.

Sorry but i have no option to attach anything here.

tblEntries (This is fields type view of table)
1,EntryNo,financial accounting system,tblentries,INT,binary,11,0,0
2,EntryType,financial accounting system,tblentries,VARCHAR,utf8mb4,45,0,0
3,EntryDate,financial accounting system,tblentries,DATE,binary,10,0,0
4,EntryMemo,financial accounting system,tblentries,VARCHAR,utf8mb4,100,0,0
5,Posted,financial accounting system,tblentries,TINYINT,binary,4,0,0
6,PostedBy,financial accounting system,tblentries,VARCHAR,utf8mb4,45,0,0
7,PostingDate,financial accounting system,tblentries,DATE,binary,10,0,0
8,Void,financial accounting system,tblentries,TINYINT,binary,4,0,0
9,VoidBy,financial accounting system,tblentries,VARCHAR,utf8mb4,45,0,0
10,VoidDate,financial accounting system,tblentries,DATE,binary,10,0,0
11,Attachments,financial accounting system,tblentries,TEXT,utf8mb4,1073741823,0,0

tblEntryTypes (This is fields type view of table)
1,EntryType,financial accounting system,tblentrytypes,VARCHAR,utf8mb4,45,0,0
2,Banking,financial accounting system,tblentrytypes,TINYINT,binary,4,0,0
3,Cash,financial accounting system,tblentrytypes,TINYINT,binary,4,0,0
4,Customers,financial accounting system,tblentrytypes,TINYINT,binary,4,0,0
5,Vendors,financial accounting system,tblentrytypes,TINYINT,binary,4,0,0
6,Employees,financial accounting system,tblentrytypes,TINYINT,binary,4,0,0
7,General,financial accounting system,tblentrytypes,TINYINT,binary,4,0,0
8,Audits,financial accounting system,tblentrytypes,TINYINT,binary,4,0,0

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Relationship between Entries and EntryTypes
September 03, 2020 11:50AM

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