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Performance of X DevApi very slow compared to legacy JDBC
Posted by: Sebastian Brandt
Date: August 25, 2020 04:42AM


we wanted to rewrite our code which previously used the legacy JDBC API and migrate that to the X DevApi. However, we faced a problem when we tried to compare the performance of the Legacy JDBC API with the X DevAPI.
Attached is the very basic version that just selects a couple of thousand records from a MySQL DB.
The for-loop which creates and executes the select statement runs 10-20x slower using the X DevAPI.
Are we missing something here? What could produce such a significant speed difference between these two versions?

Legacy Code
    auto const lDataBaseHostName = gTechnicalConfiguration.GetSetting(utl::Constants::cDataBaseURIName);
    auto const lDataBaseUser = gTechnicalConfiguration.GetSetting(utl::Constants::cDataBaseUserName);
    auto const lDataBasePassword = gTechnicalConfiguration.GetSetting(utl::Constants::cDataBasePasswordName);
    auto const lDataBaseSchema = gTechnicalConfiguration.GetSetting(utl::Constants::cDataBaseSchemaName);
    auto* lDriver = sql::mysql::get_driver_instance();

    auto const lDataBaseConnection = lDriver->connect(lDataBaseHostName.c_str(), lDataBaseUser.c_str(), lDataBasePassword.c_str());

    auto connection = std::shared_ptr<sql::Connection>(lDataBaseConnection);
    if (!connection->isValid()) {
      throw exc::LogicErrorException("Cannot open DB connection");

    for (auto _ : state) {
      std::shared_ptr<sql::Statement> stmt(connection->createStatement());
      std::shared_ptr<sql::ResultSet> res(stmt->executeQuery("SELECT * FROM product"));
      while (res->next()) { }

X DevApi Code
    auto const                      lDataBaseHost = technicalConfiguration.GetSetting(utl::Constants::cDataBaseHost);
    auto const                      lDataBasePort = technicalConfiguration.GetSetting(utl::Constants::cDataBasePort);
    auto const                      lDataBaseUser = technicalConfiguration.GetSetting(utl::Constants::cDataBaseUserName);
    auto const                      lDataBasePassword = technicalConfiguration.GetSetting(utl::Constants::cDataBasePasswordName);
    auto const                      lDataBaseSchema = technicalConfiguration.GetSetting(utl::Constants::cDataBaseSchemaName);
    std::shared_ptr<mysqlx::Client> client = nullptr;
    client = std::make_shared<mysqlx::Client>(
      mysqlx::SessionOption::USER,          lDataBaseUser,
      mysqlx::SessionOption::PWD,           lDataBasePassword,
      mysqlx::SessionOption::HOST,          lDataBaseHost,
      mysqlx::SessionOption::PORT,          std::stoi(lDataBasePort),
      mysqlx::SessionOption::DB,            lDataBaseSchema,
      mysqlx::SessionOption::SSL_MODE,      mysqlx::SSLMode::REQUIRED,
      // Enforced to verify server certificate
      mysqlx::ClientOption::POOLING,        true,
      mysqlx::ClientOption::POOL_MAX_SIZE,  25

    auto session = client->getSession();
    for (auto _ : state) {      
      mysqlx::SqlStatement statement = session.sql("SELECT * FROM product");
      auto                 retValue  = statement.execute();
      for (auto lRow : retValue) {

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Performance of X DevApi very slow compared to legacy JDBC
August 25, 2020 04:42AM

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