Re: is c++ more difficult than c?
Posted by: Rohan Pawale
Date: March 27, 2011 03:24AM

But don't you think that C++ is actually an welcome advancement to the C language which is very crude . The concept of object oriented programming and especially the functions like data encapsulation and objects hierarchies make it very efficient to code very fast without repeating the same set of codes again and again . Yes but I do agree that development of the logic in the programmer is of utmost importance be it any programming language . The book "LET US C" is also a good one for development of logic . Though it pertains to C in particular still it has some valuable facts about loops and arrays that are never taught in any C++ book since it is assumed that the user has some basic knowledge of C prior to embarking upon C++

Low Coder Wrote:
> C++ much more difficult than C is. It is because
> the C++ requires absolutely different kind of
> thinking and has fundamental differences with C.
> So there are different approaches to the program
> building and design because classes and objects
> (OOP) appear on the scene. There are many
> subtleties in building objects hierarchies, memory
> management and many other aspects. C++ became one
> of the most difficult languages I've learnt.
> IMO - the first thing you should very clearly
> realize that for you need C++. Last years the role
> of C++ has been becoming more and more strange.
> For business application at the moment more
> appropriate and convenient Java or C#. For very
> low level programming (drivers for example) plain
> C keeps leading position. In web programming there
> are many other languages - PHP, Pyton, Ruby and
> other but not C++. Therefore, in recent years
> justify the use of C++, strongly narrowed and
> moved into the region which is specialized tasks.
> It can be server-based applications, system
> services critical to the execution time, some
> system interfaces.
> But there is some good news :) First - study of
> C++, very properly developing brain and is great
> preparation for the programmer.
> The more so the language is still very popular and
> in good demand. If you start to learn I could
> advise the two volume edition of Stroustrup (read
> again and again until full enlightenment) and then
> 2 books - Effective C++ by Scott Meyers (after
> reading Meyers one of my friends who was using in
> C + + for some years said - Good grief!!!I did not
> know the language C++ :)

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