Re: 2. MySQL Clean Install of INNODB fails when trying to join cluster.
Posted by: damon pillinger
Date: April 06, 2020 07:50PM

OK lots of things missing from the installer beside opening port 33061 in the firewall.

here are my notes which I hope will allow you to get a cluster running easily.

Please follow these steps as they have taken days to work out.

To add new new instance

FIRST check computer name
search for PC name - reboot - if you don't or forget or have already done it, then search and replace the OLD PC name in the my.ini with the NEW PC name once MySQL is installed and then rename the PC - reboot

install MySQL as a stand alone instance any way you want (not cluster).

change this in the my.ini before you add the instance to a cluster

# report_host =0.0
and change it to
report_host = 192.168.0.XXX
this is the IP of your machine

restart MySQL 80

\c root@localhost
2 / icroot / 192.168.% / Y / Y

Use workbench to add a password to icroot which is not done by default.

You can just select 1 - which is to use "root" but I think it is less secure.

If this is your first instance / MASTER (for now) then open MySQL SHELL
and log in using \c root@localhost
then run this
var cluster = dba.createCluster("myCluster")

that's it - it should all work
It should show you one very happy instance in the report :)

To add another instance to a cluster follow all the instructions above to create a new instance
Then on the master go into the MYSQL SHELL

\c root@localhost
var cluster = dba.getCluster()

Takes less than a minute if there is no data on the database
thats it :)
cluster.status() should show your happily running instances.

START MY NOTES>>>> not for everyone
If creating a new Cluster then you will need to do this which will work through the whole cluster
You do this in Workbench

SET session sql_mode="";
SET GLOBAL max_connections = 500;
SET GLOBAL log_timestamps = SYSTEM;
SET GLOBAL innodb_buffer_pool_size=1*1024*1024*1024;
SET GLOBAL max_allowed_packet = 16*1024*1024;

check "MySQL usernames.doc" (installers folder) for the users to add

Extra notes
set global super_read_only = off;

END MY NOTES>>>> not for everyone

Use the installer to Add the router
REMEMBER : The management user is : icroot

You will need to manually open ports 6446 and 6447 in the firewall as they are not opened in the installer.

Easy to update the firewall at the same time with the one inbound rule for ports 33061,6446,6447 .

Hope this helps someone one day.
Stay safe

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