Re: Upgrade Error
Posted by: Peter Brawley
Date: February 11, 2022 03:15PM

> The archive doesn't even show a 5.7.37

What archive?

5.7.37 was released 18 Jan this year, According to the log excerpt you posted, you have successfully updated to 5.7.37.

> I don't work in the cli ...

Yikes. GUIs are designed to protect the user from being overwhelmed by detail, but relational databases are complicated beasts, they're all about the complicated details that GUIs tend to hide. By restricting yourself to GUIs, you tie your hands behind your back.

> I havn't done that [mysqldump before upgrade],
> because that is what the installer is trying to do.

That's an error. At, MySQL manual says "Whichever approach you choose, always back up your current MySQL installation before performing an upgrade."

> Can I manually copy over the mysql files and then issue the upgrade command?

File copy is reliable for MySQL backup/restore if and only if (i) the file copy was done while MySQL was not running, (ii) after an error-free shutdown, (iii) you copied all relevant files (it's possible to configure InnoDB to scatter its files anywhere). And in-place upgrade from 5.7 to 8.0 is more complicated, see

Given the complexities of upgrading from 5.7 to 8.0, my approach has been to do a logical upgrade ...

(i) run the new upgrade checker ( to see what problems lie ahead,

(ii) mysqldump all 5.7 dbs except mysql (8.0 mysql db is seriously backward-incompatible with 5.7)

(iii) install 8.0 with the installer,

(iv) manually add users to the 8.0 installation,

(v) fix any issues from (i) that I can at this stage

(vi) import the 5.7 mysqldump,

(vii) fix remaining upgrade issues following guidelines from (i).

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