MySQL Installer - Applying Configuration (may take a long time)...
Posted by: Lyle Hopkins
Date: November 13, 2021 09:36AM

Whilst upgrading from 8.0.26 to 8.0.27

"Starting the servers and upgrading the system tables (may take a long time)...

I can see from the task manager that absolutely nothing is happening.

The system tables are tiny, why would this ever take a long time? It's been over an hour. As a software engineer, the only way I can envision this taking a "long time" is if they have purposefully coded it to do so. To what end? Upgrade to enterprise and this step takes seconds (as it should)?

How many hours more should I leave it before killing the process, and what state will that leave the upgrade in?

Incredibly poor show.

I could have done a fresh install and re-imported my DB tables in a fraction of the time this is taking. Again, to re-emphasise, it's not using CPU, it's not touching disk, it's not really using any memory, it's is doing NOTHING!

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MySQL Installer - Applying Configuration (may take a long time)...
November 13, 2021 09:36AM

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