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communication MS office <-> database
Posted by: Hans-Günter Meier
Date: March 22, 2012 07:14AM

Hello world,

I'd appreciate any help to realize the following scenario:
- create a database (one table, filled with text and numbers) on a webserver
- the database is password protected and maybe somehow "hidden"
- multiple users on multiple computers are able to edit the database (full read/write rights for every user that knows the password)
- most important: a possibility to detect the single data records in a Word / Excel document (e.g. with a drop-down-menu) and to give back data from this document to the database.

***** EXAMPLE:

database: cars in the garage
(on server)
Ford | Focus | 1996 | 22.03.12 | Monrose | open | in work
Ford | Fista | 1992 | 14.02.12 | Stevens | sent |
BMW | 4c-325 | 2005 | 01.03.12 | Declerc | sent | important
Citroen | C4 | 2010 | 27.12.11 | Jackson | open |

excel document: cars in work today
(offline, on only one computer)
Fiat | Panda | 1992 | Mitchel |
Citroen | C4 | 2010 | Jackson |
-> read from database: row 4, col. 1,2,3,5
-> write into database, row 4, col. 7: "in work"
-> write into database, new row, col. 1,2,3,5,7: "Fiat Panda, 1992, Mitchel, in work"

word document: letter
(offline, on only one computer)
Dear [Monrose], Your [Ford] [Focus] will be repaired soon.
-> read from database: row 1, col. 1,2,5
-> write into database, row 1, col. 6: "sent"

word document: letter
(offline, on only one computer)
Hey Chris, Please hurry with the [Fista] ([1992]) and the [Citroen] ([Jackson]).
-> read from database: rows 2 and 4, col. 1,3,5
-> write into database, rows 2 and 4, col. 7: "important"


I know there are simple ways to handle parts of this, but the whole thing is just suitable with the whole combination. Is that possible with MySQL (which I never used)? The sense of the webserver is just to exchange data, not to publish them in HTML or PHP. I'm quite lost as I never had to deal with databases at all.

Thanks a lot,

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communication MS office <-> database
March 22, 2012 07:14AM

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