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Re: Reading values from mysql
Posted by: Charles Bell
Date: April 25, 2014 06:52AM

Hello. There is an example of how to do this in the example code. Here is the method. Use this structure to run a query that returns results and processes them. Look at the line of code with the --> <-- marks. This is where we loop through the columns. Add your code here and remove the unneeded print statements.

Also, add a WHERE clause to target one specific row else you'll waste time looping through all of the rows.

* do_query - execute a query and display results
* This method demonstrates how to execute a query, get the column
* names and print them, then read rows printing the values. It
* is a mirror of the show_results() example in the connector class.
* You can use this method as a template for writing methods that
* must iterate over rows from a SELECT and operate on the values read.
void do_query(const char *q) {
column_names *c; // pointer to column values
row_values *r; // pointer to row values

// First, execute query. If it returns a value pointer,
// we have a result set to process. If not, we exit.
if (!my_conn.cmd_query(q)) {

// Next, we read the column names and display them.
// NOTICE: You must *always* read the column names even if
// you do not use them. This is so the connector can
// read the data out of the buffer. Row data follows the
// column data and thus must be read first.
c = my_conn.get_columns();
for (int i = 0; i < c->num_fields; i++) {
if (i < c->num_fields - 1) {

// Next, we use the get_next_row() iterator and read rows printing
// the values returned until the get_next_row() returns NULL.
int num_cols = c->num_fields;
int rows = 0;
do {
r = my_conn.get_next_row();
if (r) {
for (int i = 0; i < num_cols; i++) {
if (i < num_cols - 1) {
--> Serial.print(", "); <---
// Note: we free the row read to free the memory allocated for it.
// You should do this after you've processed the row.
} while (r);
Serial.println(" rows in result.");

// Finally, we are done so we free the column buffers

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