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User password being modified as a result of grant statements?
Posted by: Jeff Fritz
Date: May 05, 2009 07:35AM


I'm experiencing trouble with MySQL resetting passwords after running grants. I've run into this a few times. Please bear with me as I'm not formally trained in MySQL users/perms so I may be doing something wrong...

- Context: I have two users, say admin_user and web_user.
- I believe that admin_user has GRANT ALL ON *.* ... WITH GRANT OPTION to both the 'admin_user'@'localhost' and 'admin_user'@'%' variations of the admin_user.
- web_user does not exist at this point in time; I want to create it with ALL permissions on the 'web_store' database.

I now create the 'web_store' database, and then run these queries...

mysql> GRANT ALL ON web_store.* TO 'admin_user'@'localhost';
Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.02 sec)

mysql> GRANT ALL ON web_store.* TO 'web_user'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'random-password-here';
Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.00 sec)

Now, at this point in time, I log out of MySQL. The above actions resulted in:
- the password of 'admin_user'@'localhost' is now null. I can log in that user without a password.
- Can no longer use GRANT statement using 'admin_user'@'localhost'.
- The 'web_user'@'localhost' was created successfully.

I was able to reset my password on the 'admin_user'@'localhost' account using the 'admin_user'@'%' account (via mysql administrator), however when I logged into 'admin_user'@'localhost' the user had access to a very small subset of databases that it originally had.

I'm wondering what went wrong here, and it's probably related to the fact that I'm granting perms to a database on a user that already has perms on *.* databases.

And yet another twist -- I log in via mysql administrator using 'admin_user'@'%' and check out the mysql database users' table. It looks like the 'admin_user' has two entries in the users table, one with host = 'localhost' and host = null! It looks like I've been logging into 'admin_user'@'' this whole time instead of 'admin_user'@'%', but I don't understand this because I thought % is the remote-host wildcard and I don't know the significance of a null host. This looks like the stem of a lot of my problems since the privs for the null-host user are all Y and the privs for the 'localhost' user are all N.

Could someone please clear this up for me? How do I fix it so I have an admin_user that connect locally and remotely with all perms on all DBs with grant option?

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User password being modified as a result of grant statements?
May 05, 2009 07:35AM

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