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trying to move a database from mysql 4.0.18 to 5.0.77
Posted by: Dennis Jacobfeuerborn
Date: October 26, 2009 07:38AM

I'm trying to move a database from mysql 4.0.18 to 5.0.77 but I'm running into charset trouble. The 5.0 database is a standard centos 5 setup and i'm trying to dump the data from the 4.0 db directly into the 5.0 db using "mysqldump ... | mysql ...". This works with regards to the data but when the column contains an umlaut or other non-ascii character then I get a "Invalid utf8 character string: '�`" error.

My problem is that I have no idea why umlauts in the data are transfered correctly but umlauts in the column names are not. I tried using the "default-character-set" and "set-character" set option with mysqldump with various combinations of character sets and "skip-*" combinations but none of that changes the output of mysqldump at all. For example the "set-charset" option doesn't add a "SET NAMES" as the documentation claims it does.

What do I have to specify to copy the database "as is"?

These are the character set variables on the 5.0 system:
character_set_client: latin1
character_set_connection: latin1
character_set_database: latin1
character_set_filesystem: binary
character_set_results: latin1
character_set_server: latin1
character_set_system: utf8
character_sets_dir: /usr/share/mysql/charsets/

and the 4.0 system:
character_set: latin1
character_sets: latin1 big5 czech euc_kr gb2312 gbk latin1_de sjis tis620 ujis dec8 dos german1 hp8 koi8_ru latin2 swe7 usa7 cp1251 danish hebrew win1251 estonia hungarian koi8_ukr win1251ukr greek win1250 croat cp1257 latin5

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trying to move a database from mysql 4.0.18 to 5.0.77
October 26, 2009 07:38AM

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